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Монтировки > MEADE MAX-mount - Robotized German Equatorial Mount with Tripod


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MEADE MAX-mount - Robotized German Equatorial Mount with Tripod



Before you dive into the technical details, please take a moment to enjoy
that first rush of pure desire!


Total Mount Capacity is 250 lbs (excluding counterweights). This type of
carrying capacity exceeds anything else on the market. To get this
type of capacity in a production mount means you do not have to
contract for a one-off design for large aperture instruments.
Furthermore, it means that you will be able to add guide scopes,
wide field instruments, spectrographs, heavy cameras and coolers
to this mount with confidence.


The quick release dovetail plate on the MAX Mount" allows you to change
optical instruments in about two minutes. Slew the scope down for
access, loosen two handles without any tools required and swap on
a new instrument ensemble. This is the kind of flexibility that makes
German mounts so popular in theory, but only MAX delivers in
practice. With the MAX quick release system, swapping scopes
takes only minutes. You will not loose alignment. Additionally, the
computer assisted balancing and quick release counter weights
assure you are tuned up and ready to go back to work quickly.

With competing mounts, you are looking at a milled and drilled plate,
Allen wrenches and a lot of time and care to swap OTA assemblies.
Then you must support the OTA while you release the worm gears
to rebalance, losing your alignment in process.


The MAX has all the controls you need for your OTA and modern cameras
up on the saddle plate. This makes a cable free installation of most
instrument packages.

In contrast, competing mounts require that you get out your fish tape and
pull the cable you want through the RA and DEC axis yourself. Or
you might want to call an electrician!


Low periodic error means that you will have to guide the scope less during
extended exposures. When you get PE down to about 2 arc seconds
you have a PE below the sky scintillation (seeing) on most nights.
This means that exposures of a minute or so can be made with no
guiding required. For Deep Sky Imager" users, snap shooters,
supernova hunters, asteroid researchers, variable star studies and
a variety of research projects, the mount is simply point and shoot.
Coupled with the Smart Mount system to insure pointing accuracy
below 1 arc minute, it eliminates the need to center and guide short
exposures, vastly increasing the productivity of the telescope in
these applications.


This mount can be used anywhere on Earth, from Pole to Pole. No other
maker of heavy duty mounts can make this claim.


Large gears are important for several reasons. It means that the shearing
forces on the worm assembly are reduced proportionally as the
gear diameter increases. This translates to a mount that can carry
more load. More teeth mean that the worm turns more quickly and
the effect of Periodic Error decreases in proportion to the tooth
count. For gears of the same tolerances, our gears will have nearly
half the Periodic Error of a 360 tooth gear such as found in the
competing Mounts. Also maintaining the same gear diameter in the
RA and DEC assure the same mechanical robustness and accuracy
in both axes, this is not the case when you drop the DEC gear
diameter by 1/3 as in competing Mounts.


MAX is delivered with Autostar Suite Version 4. It is a complete turnkey
observatory control system, not an added cost extra. The package
includes extensions that allow the scope to be remotely controlled
from any web browser without software installation on the remote
PC, MAC, PDA or even a cell phone. This kind of convenience
makes it ideal for teaching environments where lab workstations
can operate the scope from any classroom without extensive
software setup.

Dimensions: 150x150x165cm
Slew Speeds: up to 2°/s
Motor Drive System in DEC/EL: pretensioned worm gears, 346mm
diameter, 652 teeth
Motor Drive System in RA/AZ: pretensioned worm gears, 346mm
diameter, 652 teeth
Automatic Alignment (GPS): standard
Autostar Controller: AutoStar II
Autostar Object Database: ca. 147.000
Total Weight (without packaging): 190 kg
GoTo Pointing Precision (approx.): < 1 arc min
Mounting: German equatorial mount, robotized
Tracking Rates: Sidereal, lunar, user defined
Mounting Base Net Weight: 329 lbs
Pier Net Weight: 20 kg

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